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One Less Thing with Zuhoo!

Who wants one less thing on their to do list? We certainly do! By scheduling your virtual Santa visit with Zuhoo, you can answer the question “How are we going to see Santa this year?” Not to mention crossing that mighty stressful item off of your to-do list! Let Zuhoo make it easy for you with an online Santa visit. Forget about getting the family dressed up in coordinating itchy sweaters that they complain about endlessly and standing in a long line to see the big guy. Let Zuhoo be your ‘one less thing!’

Now, you’re free to fret about ALL the other demands on your holiday schedule! Wink. But seriously, while we are very much looking forward to the holidays – because it’s the only shred of joy most of us have right now - the pressure is certainly on. Pressure to make this the most amazing Christmas EVER, am I right? Well, we want to help you take even more of the pressure off, so here is a list of fun ways to lighten your holiday load:

Shop Early

Amazon is offering Holiday Dash deals on the daily. Go ahead and get it done before Dec 1! To accept this challenge, shop easy here:


Get a fake tree that’s pre lit

Don’t deal with the schlepping of a real tree AND stringing lights all over it; too much work. Order yourself a pre lit tree this year and forget about vacuuming  pine needles up on the daily. Heck, take it a step further and get a HALF TREE that’s pre lit! Seen here:


And since your tree is already half lit, now It’s your turn. Have a drink to celebrate the fact that you took the easy way out this year. No guilt. Here’s a recipe for a truly amazing holiday cocktail:

Blame it on the house elf

Stress ate all the cookies? It’s Jingle’s fault. Ran out of wrapping paper mid gift wrapping session and had to patch it with newspaper? That damn Ginger! Whatever goes wrong, blame your house Elf and move on. The kids will be entertained with all the mischievous stories you come up with.

Fake it so you don’t have to make it

Have a tradition of making homemade gingerbread cookies for the kiddos to decorate? Don’t feel like dealing with the hassle but find yourself saying, “but I HAVE TO, it’s tradition!” Forget that. Here’s a step-by-step foolproof plan to make your life easier and let the kids have their fun:

1)    Buy cookies

2)    Pre-heat the oven

3)    Discard store bought cookie packaging

4)    Lay cookies on a cookie sheet

5)    Light a Frosty Gingerbread candle https://www.yankeecandle.com/product/frosty-gingerbread/_/R-1595555

6)    Set up decoration stations

7)    Swipe a little flour on your cheek and shirt

8)    Invite the family for decorating fun time!

Your family will walk into a kitchen that has been slightly warmed by the oven, met with the smell of fresh gingerbread and never know the difference. You win!