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Santa, Faithfully.

For many families, Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of Christ. At Zuhoo, we are proud to offer families the option of having a faith-based visit with Santa. This is a personalization option that can be chosen during the booking process. We honor and respect diversities in faith and do not promote any specific religion. If one chooses a faith-based Santa, he will provide a thoughtful visit where the messaging in rooted in faith.  

During a faith-based visit Santa may:

·       Ask your family for prayer requests.

·       Talk about celebrating the birth of Jesus.

·       Share the Nativity Story.

·       End with a family prayer (if requested).

The prayer offered will be of thanks and hope, not a prayer of scripture (unless the family specifically requests scripture). Prayers will be based on the interaction with the family and the families wishes.

2020 has been a challenging year for everybody and our faith-based Santas feel blessed to be able to share the spirit of the season by delivering messages of hope and inspiration while celebrating the birth of Christ with faithful families. For them, it is uplifting to deliver the message that Jesus is the reason for the season.

The days before Christmas are the season of Advent. Advent means BEGINNING and letting light shine through in the darkness. This is a time to focus on being  thoughtful, meditative, and being patient for Christmas day to arrive. We like to gently remind others not to rush through the season by getting wrapped up in the superficial things that can sometimes overshadow the meaning of Christmas, but rather savor the days and reflect on the true spirit of Christmas that is rooted in giving to others and unconditional love.

“Nativity Story”

A long time ago, a woman named Mary and a man named Joseph were going to be married. Mary and Joseph were good people who did what God wanted them to do.

One day an angel came to Mary and told her she was going to have a baby! The angel said she should name the baby Jesus. The baby would be the Son of God, the Savior.

Mary and Joseph had to travel to a town called Bethlehem to pay taxes.

The town was very crowded. So Mary and Joseph spent the night in a place where animals were kept. That night baby Jesus was born!

A new star appeared in the sky.

Shepherds were taking care of sheep in nearby fields. Angels came and told the shepherds that the Savior had been born. The shepherds went to find and worship the baby Jesus.

Far away, Wise Men saw the new star. They knew it was a sign that the Savior had been born. They followed the star until they found Jesus. They gave Him presents and worshipped Him.

After the Wise Men left, an angel visited Joseph. The angel said a bad king wanted to hurt Jesus. The angel said their family should move to Egypt to be safe.

Joseph, Mary, and Jesus lived in Egypt until it was safe to return to Israel. Jesus grew up in a town called Nazareth. He learned to be helpful, kind, and obedient. He learned everything that He needed to learn to be our Savior. He always followed God’s plan for Him.

At Christmas we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.