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The 12 Questions of Virtual Santa

What to expect when considering an online Santa visit

Believe it or not, the idea of visiting with Santa on the Internet isn’t an entirely new thing. A few years before the “Zoom Boom,” a handful of Santas visited with families via Skype, it just wasn’t widely used. The Virtual Santa concept became quite popular last year after the pandemic swept the world.  

Last year more families turned to the Internet to find Santa experiences. We launched our Virtual Santa program (called JingleRing) and became the most popular Virtual Santa Experience south of the North Pole! We served families in all 50 US states and from 35 countries around the world. Santa is a timeless global phenomenon, indeed.  

Visiting with Santa online is a better experience considering the alternative. Going to the mall, waiting in a long line, and dishing out $50 bucks (if not more) for a quick picture and a 2-minute visit with Santa. Since mall Santa has a huge line waiting for him, he might have to see 25-30 families per hour. A Zuhoo Santa only visits with 6-8 families per hour.  

With all of these Zoom Santa and Virtual Santa sites popping up, you might be wondering how to decide who to go with? Here’s a list of 12 questions you can ask to find the best fit for you family.

1. What happens if I book a visit and something changes?

We know that kids are unpredictable and family situations come up. Zuhoo is the first to offer Risk- Free Reservations so busy parents trying to juggle demanding family schedules can book with confidence. If something changes, you may cancel your visit up to one hour before your scheduled time for a full refund.

2. What’s a fair price to pay?  

At Zuhoo, we offer flexible pricing so our customers can find a price point that’s best for them. The experience is the same whether you book on Nov 24th or Dec 24th. Our prices for live virtual visits start at $24.95 for Mrs. Claus and $29.95 for Santa. In most cases, our highest prices are lower than the lowest prices for other online Santa options. We’ve seen Zoom and Cameo Santa prices start at $55 and go all the way up to $150! We believe Santa should be accessible and affordable to everyone, so we’ve used technology to deliver the most fun and value for families everywhere.

3. How much experience does your team have with Santa?

Not surprisingly, we saw a lot of startups pop-up in the virtual Santa space in 2020. In most cases, they had no experience working with the big guy. Our co-founder and CEO previously built the largest Santa, Easter Bunny, and Halloween retail program in North America serving over 30 million people in the last decade. We know Santa and we know the special place Santa holds in the hearts of families all around the world.  

4. What do you do to ensure the highest quality experience for my family?

Being an on-premise retail Santa is a much different skill than serving as an online virtual Santa. Their magical essence has to be able to jump off of the screen. Our Talent team has carefully screened hundreds of audition tapes looking for Santa talent that has that special something. All of our Clauses go through a tech check to make sure they have the right equipment and bandwidth to serve customers well. Plus, our Clauses can make double the going rate at malls, so we attract only the very best! Unlike us, Cameo has no screening process for their Santa portrayal artists so anyone with a suit and beard can play “Santa.” That’s just not how we do it ; Only the best at Zuhoo!

5. Do you offer any entertainment while we wait to connect to Santa?

We’ve built our Virtual Santa experience to entertain the whole fam. When you logon to Zuhoo, you’ll enjoy a few minutes of animated videos, characters, other content to warm you up to see Santa and/or Mrs. Claus! It’s so much fun and it’s part of what makes Zuhoo different than all the rest.  

6. What happens if my time with Santa is running a little long, how do you handle it?  

Zuhoo has a proprietary virtual queueing algorithm that matches customers to the next available Santa in real-time. We know, that sounds like tech talk jumbo jumbo, but here’s what it means for you. If Santa needs a little extra time for your family, that’s okay. He doesn’t have another family bumping up against you in the next time slot. He won’t have to rush to wrap things up because he knows we have hundreds of other Clauses who can take the next visit. We are the only virtual Santa experience in the world that does this. It’s all about giving you and your family the very best experience possible.

7. Do you offer a diverse cast of Clauses?

We believe the story and tradition of Santa and Mrs. Claus should be as diverse as the world itself. We have an amazing cast of Black Santa and Black Mrs. Claus performers. In addition, we also offer Spanish speaking Santa.  

8. Can you serve children with Special Needs?

Some children with special needs may find it challenging to visit with Santa at the mall. We knew we wanted to create an environment that could host visits with children who have special needs. In 2020, we developed a program to train Santa and Mrs. Claus on how to give a little extra time and care for those who may need it. That option is available at no additional charge.

9. Do you provide ASL Claus for the hearing impaired?

Children with hearing disabilities are served on Zuhoo by Claus performers who know ASL. As with our Special Needs program, there is no additional charge to visit with ASL Claus on Zuhoo.

10. Does Santa offer a faith-based option?  

For families who wish for Santa to reference the Christian origins of Christmas, we have a Santa for you. Just select the faith-based option during the booking process and we’ll match you with a Claus to meet your needs.  

11. Can I invite family to join for free?

On Zuhoo, you can invite family and friends at no extra charge. Invite up to 4 households from different locations to share the moment. It’s an even better experience when the people you love are there for the magic!

12. Do you offer a Free Shareable Video & Photos with Santa?  

YES! Every Zuhoo is recorded, but it’s not like what you might expect from Zoom. We have a proprietary video platform so we add a little extra magic to the video that you won’t get anywhere else. What would a Santa visit be without photos, right? We’ve got that taken care of too. So, get ready to smile and say cookies!!!  

We want every family to have the Santa experience that is right for their family, so we set out to give multiple options. As we grow, we wish to have more personalization options available for families around the world.